England Holidays
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England is known for

Why book an English holiday ?

Top attractions to visit

From the bustling cosmopolitan cities to the powdery white-sand beaches, Boredom does not exist in England

Cultural Hotspots

Enjoy the country's array of iconic landmarks, including Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and many more

Sample the local food

Home to the most under-rated cuisines in the world: feast on beef wellington, stake and ale pie, and Cornish pasties

Perfect Landscapes

Discover the nation's finest landscapes, like the Forest of Dean, Lake District, and Severn Sisters Cliffs

Relax in local pubs & bars

Famous for their traditional style and vast range of beverages, there`s nothing quite as relaxing as a English pub

Historic Architecture

Explore the limitless scope of buildings with origins that span millennium, like the Roman fortresses and stately homes

Top Destinations