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Super Snowdonia adventure

Home to medieval castles and an extensive range of landscapes, Wales make you feel part of a fantasy adventure

Snowdonia is more than just a national park, it is a region that encompasses the country`s most captivating landscapes. Feel immersed within some of the most diverse and enchanting scenery, from rocky slate covered mountains, to emerald green forestry. Only in Snowdonia can you start your day with climbing the nation`s tallest peak then dine like a king in the evening.

Nothing beats the majestic viewpoints scattered along the various hiking paths up Mt Snowdon. Not to keen on trekking? Instead, come on down lakeside, and hop in a kayak and view the mountain side from a different perspective surrounded by the calm waters and the lush countryside.

Your Snowdonia questions answered

While Snowdonia may appear to be remote, the wider region has a variety of public transportation links. However, if you want the full nomadic road-trip experience, much of the national park is accessible by car giving you full freedom to venture out into different parts of the wilderness.

The bus service is one of the easiest ways to get around the national park, with reliable and regular routes. In addition, train services are available with connections to historic towns and cities with major transport hubs, providing efficient transport for distance travelers.

Similar to the rest of the UK, Snowdonia has a temperate climate, hence, visitors will experience all types of weather throughout the year, ranging from snow, rain, and sunny days. 

It is important to recognise that Snowdonia is a mountain range, meaning strong winds are unpredictable, affecting the ability for some tourist attractions to operate.

We would recommend to those who plan to trek up any mountain range to pack appropriate clothing and skin care. Higher altitudes can bring stronger winds, making the air feel more colder than it actually is, and long exposure to the sun weather hot or cold can cause skin damage.